Enjoy the deep rooted culture of Cartersville, Georgia during your stay in the most historic bed and breakfast in town.


The Etowah Heritage Bed & Breakfast (B&B) is located in the beautiful Etowah Valley in the city of Cartersville, Georgia. Cartersville is approximately 40 miles north of Atlanta. The B&B is adjacent to the historic downtown district. The highly progressive Etowah Mound Builders are well known in this valley. The society flourished from around 1,000-1540. The de Soto Expedition encountered the site and approximately 9 out of 10 people in the society died after contact. The culture disappeared. The area was later inhabited by the Creek Indians and the Cherokees from 1700’s to 1832. It’s a state historic site. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places as a site of national significance. The site is located a few miles from the B&B. The first record of the lot on which the B&B is located was filed in the 1840’s. The lot was free to settlers who were willing to relocate to Cartersville. Later, a Mr. Lewis Tumlin (b. 1809) purchased this lot. Mr. Tumlin was employed by the government (first sheriff) to protect the settlers from the depredations of the Indians. Tumlin was endowed with tireless energy and soon became a large property owner and leader in state politics. (This information was gathered from the Bartow County Historical Society.)

The original house was a one story solid brick square with a removed kitchen. Rumors allege that during the Civil War the house was a confederate hospital and was partially burned by Sherman’s invading army. The first real estate record of the house occurred when Frances Marion Daniel purchased the property in 1873 from Mr. Tumbling. The home was occupied by heirs of the Daniel Family for one hundred and sixteen years (till 1989). A Doctor Dillard was the last known member of this family to occupy the home. A second story, present porches, dining room, and baths were added in 1900.

In 2010 the home had been allowed to fall into major disrepair. Douglas and Joan Jones worked from 2010 till 2012 restoring the home. New plumbing, new electrical, central heating, air conditioning, 5 bedrooms with beautiful private baths, five whirlpool tubs and vintage antiques adorn the magnificent home.

The home is now The Etowah Heritage Bed and Breakfast Inn. The Joneses invite you to enjoy this wonderful piece of Bartow County history and lavish in grand southern hospitality in Cartersville, GA. See “Area Attractions” to explore the unique historical surroundings of the Etowah Heritage Bed and Breakfast Inn.